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In the exhibition of June 29/30 and July 1st TfL and its agents carefully avoided any formal mention that the Council’s directive is to preserve (Policy HE 1 of Hillingdon) our heritage and conservation areas. The council should direct TfL to renovate, preserve and to enhance their buildings where no investment has been made by TfL for many years.

At the exhibition no scheme was presented to residents where the TfL buildings in the conservation area were retained, renovated and the rest of the site developed. If this had been people may have opted to choose that option. The lack of a third Option distorted the statistics with the result Vision 2 was most popular.
Residents were led to choose between the two Options that were given publicity both all-embracing total demolition.

No doubt it benefits TfL’s commercial interest but it disregards the history and environment of Northwood by the team of their consultants and it was a less than honest way of getting the result TfL required.

You can read the views of Mr Jaideep Chakrabarti (Conservation Specialist) by clicking on Experts View.

We draw your attention to Policy HE1 of Hillingdon Council. We expect our council officers to follow HE1 and preserve these buildings which TfL wish to remove solely for profit motives.

Policy HE1: Heritage

The Council will:

  1. Conserve and enhance Hillingdon’s distinct and varied environment, its settings and
    the wider historic landscape, which includes:
  2. Designated heritage assets such as statutorily Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Click her to see Hillingdon’s Heritage Policy HE1

Click here to see Hillingdon’s Heritage Core Policies

You can read the views of Mr Jaideep Chakrabarti (Conservation Specialist) by clicking on Experts View.

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