Future Planning Application By Transport For London With Notting Hill Genesis 27 Apr 2019

 Transport For London Development Plans With Notting Hill/Genesis

Northwood’s Voice Newsletter Published

    9 December 2018

Further to our Newsletter of June 2018 (TfL Selects Development Partner) we can advise that TfL have retained consultants Curtin & Co to handle their public consultation and engagement pursuant to their development intentions for their estate in the Northwood Town Centre Conservation Area.

  • A leaflet was distributed to Northwood residents in early October 2018 inviting the public to a drop-in event at St Matthews Church promoted by Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) and Transport for London (TfL) and which was held on 11th, 12th and 13th October 2018 regarding the TfL property redevelopment under consideration for the Green Lane/Station Approach Conservation Area.
  • The only detailed scheme on display at the drop-in event appeared to be that for Step-Free Access at Northwood Station – involving two simple lifts (similar in concept to that at nearby Pinner Station).  The previous TfL scheme in 2015 appeared to involve a complete station rebuild costing some £7.5 millions.
  • As with the now withdrawn 2015 scheme the new proposals, on discussion with the TfL representatives present, appeared to involve new blocks of flats to be built in place of the to-be-demolished existing Conservation Area shops/flats down Station Approach and along Green Lane from Ladbroke Coral to Taylor Made.       We understood that the redevelopment intention was to build further blocks of flats on the present station car park but NOT to provide new parking areas for displaced commuter and other use.       Further, that the new residents of the approx. 200 new homes represented by these blocks of flats would not have cars and that almost no provision for any further cars in respect of these new residents and their likely visitors was to be provided.
  • A brief car parking survey at Northwood Station was subsequently undertaken by SWECO in early November 2018 on behalf of the would-be property developers but no feedback on this study has yet been published by the developers as far as we are aware.
  • A further TfL/NHG leaflet was distributed to Northwood residents in late November 2018 advising that further consultation by them would now be delayed to next year.
  • Northwoods Voice Ltd have advised our MP (Nick Hurd) of the above events and here’s part of his reply dated 12th November 2018………. “My sense is that this time the [Northwood] community will be opposed and if that is the case I will represent that view”.     It would assist our democratic processes if residents were to make Mr Hurd aware of their own views perhaps by email to, nick.hurd.mp@parliament.uk .
  • Northwoods Voice Ltd have also advised the London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH) and Historic England (HE) of the above events.

It is anticipated the plans will radically change the town centre of Northwood, Please do not hesitate to voice your opinions to your local councilors.

TfL withdrew their previous plans of December 2015 in September 2016 just before the Major Applications Committee Meeting of Hillingdon Council to discuss the application. There was in this case a recommendation for refusal by the Planning Officers of Hillingdon before the MAC.

Thank you for your support.


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