Historic England comment on the TfL Planning Application 16 Dec 2015

Hillingdon Council have to notify and consult HISTORIC ENGLAND (formerly English Heritage) for their opinion regarding the TfL planning application as it lies in a  conservation area and the area involved is over 1,000 sq.m.  This is the case regarding the application by TfL to totally demolish and redevelop the TfL Green Lane/Station Approach estate lying in the Northwood Town centre conservation area.

In their response to Hillingdon Council dated the 27th November 2015 Historic England state, “the majority of structures which would be lost make a positive contribution to the conservation area”.

Historic England further state, “We consider that the demolition of these buildings – which we consider to be integral to the character of the conservation area – would seriously erode the special character of this part of it, causing considerable harm to the historical and aesthetic value of the designated asset.

Historic England also state, “Our view is therefore, that the scheme would constitute substantial harm”.

Histroic England further comment on the replacement buildings, “their height and bulk would be overbearing in the area, as is made clear from their prominence in verified views from within and around the conservation area.”

HISTORIC ENGLAND have recommended to Hillingdon Council, “that the application be REFUSED or that the applicant is encouraged to withdraw and reconsider the extent of the demolition and to develop a design approach that responds more effectively to the local context, in particular to its scale and character”.

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