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The Northwood Town Centre Conservation Area

Possible Planning Application By Transport For London With Notting Hill/Genesis

NVL wish to update our ‘subscribers to our ‘NewsLetters’ regarding a few things that have happened recently concerning Northwood’s historic buildings on the TfL estate on Green Lane, and Station Approach. You will recollect these have for a long time been threatened by redevelopment.

Our NewsLetter of November 2019 gave you the position from Mr N. Hurd, our MP at the time, concerning his meeting with TfL senior people plus LBH officials on Monday 4th Nov. 2019.

This is the relevant passage from his note on the meeting..

  1. They will NOT be submitting an application any time soon, and they will NOT attempt to force something through to appeal and the Mayor. In effect they will pause to reflect and re-engage.  Ithink the context is that they are busy with the rest of their portfolio; and they can’t make Northwood work in terms of a) economics for them, and b) community support.

Mr David Simmonds MP

Northwood’s Voice Limited (NVL) met with our new MP, David Simmonds, on Monday 10th February 2020 to discuss the apparent lack of TfL activity re actively marketing their empty shops in Northwood with a view to re-establishing their rental income. We have in mind “ex-Senses,,Townsends, and Farmhouse Pizza” in Station Approach plus “The Bridal Shop” in Green Lane. David was previously Deputy Leader of the London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH) and knows much about our struggles over the years with TfL.  We also note that LBH planning has recently granted permission for “Hard 8” to divide the existing premises into two units – hopefully that will interest some new enterprises to get established.

These empty TfL properties plus others that are currently without tenants in Northwood are all probably contributing to a drop in footfall in our town centre – to the likely economic detriment of the existing shops and the citizens of Northwood (who therefore have less varied buying opportunities).

The Notting Hill/Genesis property development website re. Northwood Station presently states the following about the site, despite the town’s nearly 4,000 (3,923) signature recent petition against their plans for Northwood’s existing Conservation Area status and Locally Listed buildings, …………………..”Notting Hill Genesis and Transport for London are committed to bringing the site forward for development, but are in the process of reassessing their options for the site”………………….

Regrettably, Northwood is still not aware of any public marketing activity by TfL to seek to re-let their empty properties in Northwood. We also note that the letter boxes are now sealed shut at several of these empty TfL properties which thus appear to have a regrettable degree of permanence about them.

Mr Shaun Bailey – Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group at City Hall – Mayoral Candidate

NVL was delighted to meet Sean Bailey on Monday 24th February 2020 in Northwood and to introduce him to the above issues as well as visiting and meeting several enterprise owners at the threatened town centre shops.

Air Quality Monitoring

NVL have, after 4.5 years, now ceased our NO2 pollution monitoring in Northwood Town Centre – and would like to extend our thanks for their advice to LBH’s specialists in this area.  NVL also sent a Freedom of Information request to LBH regarding possible pollution on (or under) part of the Northwood Station Car Park.


March 2020

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