Pollution update – Green Lane, Northwood 26 Oct 2015

Since June 2015 Northwood’s Voice has been monitoring air pollution in parts of Green Lane, Northwood close to where TfL plan to redevelop their site by Northwood underground station.      We have done this openly with Hillingdon Council’s knowledge and we have recently written, with our results, to Hillingdon Council environmental officers to keep them advised.     The parameter which we’ve been measuring is Nitrogen Dioxide – a contributory pollution factor coming from vehicle exhausts.     An article in the Sunday Times (25th October 2015) especially highlights the dangers to children of vehicle pollution.

In simple terms the EU limit for Nitrogen Dioxide pollution is 40 ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre) when averaged across a year.     Our actual findings in the station area of Green Lane and the Eastbury Road junction, using industry sourced equipment and laboratory analysis, have been “annualised” and show that we already have Nitrogen Dioxide levels which are approaching the EU recommended limit.   Our readings during school term time are actually higher than the EU 40 ug/m3 annualised limit.

Our concern, naturally, is the possible health risks for Northwood residents, shop workers and children inherent in such pollution levels plus the risks of these levels rising even further due to current building activity plus the possible large scale TfL housing development which is being considered in the heart of Northwood for their estate in Green Lane and Station Approach.

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