Withdrawal of TfL planning application of 2 November 2015      71083/App/2015/4037

Northwood’s Voice ran a sustained and transparent campaign with the support of the residents in signing the petition (3094 signatures) running in 30 Northwood shops during the months of July to end October 2015 against the proposed and substantially altered Vision 2. Northwood’s Voice thank the shops for displaying the petition in their shops for signing.

After TfL filed their planning application with Hillingdon on the 2nd November the petition was displayed in the shops until the 12 November 2015. This petition was presented to 10 Downing Street on 20th October 2016. A further 331 objections were obtained on-line.

A second petition was placed in the shops against the actual planning application filed by TfL on the 2nd November 2015. This was signed, in the time allowed for objections in 2016 by 439 people living and working in Northwood. This petition was presented to the Council with named speakers from Northwood businesses and residents in May 2016.

Hillingdon planning officers determined to recommend refusal of the TfL application and TfL subsequently withdrew their application on the 5th September before the application was heard by the Hillingdon Major Application Planning Committee scheduled for the 13th September 2016.

We do not know what steps TfL will take next. They may come back with another scheme. We are not against development as stated and outlined on our website. We will review any future TfL’s proposals before deciding our next steps and intend to keep you informed of these. What we do know is that our recent campaign and any future campaign are not possible without the continued support of local residents and businesses and for this we would like to thank you unreservedly.

  • Website – Live September 2015
  • Online petition through – July 2015
  • Paper signed by 3096 people in 30 Northwood shops from July – October 2016.
  • A second petition in shops to gain a place to speak at the Hillingdon planning committee meeting – started Jan. 2016

During the campaign leading up to the withdrawal of the planning application Northwood’s Voice have carried out the various actions.

  1. Two leaflet drops of 7,000 and 5,000 leaflets to Northwood and Eastbury households and explaining the plans and how to protest.
  2. Meeting with our MP – 16th October 2015
  3. Presentation of our petition to 10 Downing St- 20th October 2015
  4. Meeting with Planning Officers of Hillingdon – 24 August 2016
  5. Meetings with Dr Sahota our London Assembly Representative on 6th September 2016 at the GLA with business representative.
  6. Meetings with all local councillors – November 2015 and during 2016
  7. Meeting with affected shop owners at regular intervals during 2015/16
  8. Meeting with TfL and Northwood Futures – 29th February 2016.

From November 2015 to September 2016 we made reasoned comments and objections to Hillingdon on the planning application and its various amendments.

NVL prepared “Their Review and Objections” in a comprehensive dossier. This was sent to every Hillingdon Councillor, Hillingdon Planning Officers, the new London Mayor and our GlA representative in May 2016.

Air Quality

NVL have continued to monitor the Air Quality in Green Lane at two locations commencing in July 2015. This is presently an ongoing exercise. TfL monitored Air Quality for only 6 months. Two of their locations were in Station Approach where no traffic would occur in the development plans submitted to Hillingdon.

15 November 2016

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