The Demolition of Northwood’s Green Lane and Station Approach 27 Aug 2015

TFL in their plans wish to demolish completely the Green Lane/Station Approach building of their estate standing in the Conservation Area. We draw your attention to Policy HE 1 of Hillingdon. We expect our Council officers to follow HE 1 and preserve these buildings TFL wish to remove for total profit motives.
We also point out this land was obtained in the late 1800’s when the cost at today’s values is negligible. For profit they wish to destroy buildings and livelihoods.

Policy HE1: Heritage

The Council will:

1. Conserve and enhance Hillingdon’s distinct and varied environment, its settings and the wider historic landscape, which includes:

2. Designated heritage assets such as statutorily Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Click here to see Hillingdon’s Heritage Core Policies

Click here to see Hillindon’s Heritage Policy HE1

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